First off I want to apologize for not posting on here regularly. Usually I'm good with routines but blogging is new to me. I will try to post as regularly as I can. Now to my thoughts and feelings of the night...

What is pain? Is it something that hurts you? Or is it something that is there but you can't feel it? Right now I'm experiencing both. I am experiencing hurting and numbness. How can I not feel anything but yet feel something? It does not make sense. I guess technically I am feeling something since I do feel some pain. Now I'm just rambling and not making any sense. 

I sincerely hope that someone reads this and has no clue what I'm talking about because I would never wish this upon them. I want to cry and scream. I want to sit in silence. I want to run and never stop. I want to sleep and dream forever. I am confused but I am aware. 

Some days and nights I feel alright, others not so much. Tonight is one of those nights. I just don't understand anymore. I am SO sick of this. It sometimes can be too much to handle. I would tell you that I'm not crazy, but I sure sound it. But then again aren't we all crazy? What is normal anymore? 

Well I'm already rambling too much. Writing all these thoughts and feelings out makes me feel a bit better. If anyone is reading this that struggles with depression and/or anxiety just know that you're not alone. You are never alone. Things might not get better, but we will get better. 

Until Next Time,


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