Well tonight is a bit better. I'm feeling more myself, but that all changes fast. I don't understand how one night I can feel fine and then the next I am miserable.

You choose your emotions. That's what some say. Sure! I choose to be miserable. I choose to hate myself. I choose to feel numb and pain at the same time. Who would ever want to feel that? 

It's so confusing. Have you ever just sat in your bed or on the floor, or whatever, and just stared and wondered when everything will become okay? I know I probably sound like I'm exaggerating but I promise I am not. I would do anything to be happy for a day. 

I should also give some of you insight. I'm a 20 year old female. I am going to college and will be a junior this fall. I really hope someone is reading these, haha. Me and my terrible grammar. 

But if you are reading this and want to talk, please don't be afraid to comment. Or even message me. I would love to talk with others who are going through the same thing or have already. Or even if you have never dealt with depression and anxiety and just want to talk. 

Until next time,


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